Northside Tavern Wall of Fame: Paintings by Drew Galloway

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Visit Daniel "Mudcat” Dudeck’s Northside Wall Tribute on YouTube for more music by the artists represented on the Northside Wall of Fame

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Big shout out to Drew Stawin Photography for the Northside Wall o’ Fame. A difficult task handled with ease by Drew. Check out his web site for cool stuff.

Give It Back and the Northside Wall of Fame - Words by Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck

"In '94, Cora Mae and I were returning from our performance at the Blind Willie McTell festival in Thompson, GA,..... she turned to me and said, "How come nobody ever did a festival for my father....they (McTell) were good friends". Gee! Great idea! This was fall, so we waited till spring. Meanwhile, I had started the habit of throwing Frank Edwards a birthday party a few years earlier. They began quite small..a packed house at the tiny Silvia's Atomic Cafe with chicken & dumplings (Franks request) and Collard greens (my request).

Seeing how Frank's Birthday is early spring, I decided to combine the two into one Jamboree. Ellyn (Webb, owner of Northside Travern) was very open and accommodating. In fact everybody at the Northside (and my band) werevery creative and gung-ho, unselfishly giving 300 percent!I made a list of all the local talent I knew, All Americana & roots music, and started calling folks." Hey, will you come down and play for free?" What I didn't expect: everyone said yes!I didn't make it very far down the list. What a party! Everyone giving back so generously! 

We brought in Drew Galloway to paint portraits of our honorees...the ones on our Wall of Fame. The idea is to preserve and celebrate these folks' contributions to our culture. I was overwhelmed with demands for more festivals (much to the dismay of my ulcer). At first,we had a pretty large percentage of the local scene...since then, Atlanta has burst it's seams. A few years later, Music Maker Relief Foundation started subsidizing the elders and now we can bring heritage players from far away.

Giving it Back is a win-win-win situation:
-Our elders realize how much we appreciate them and the trails they blazed for us.
-Young bands get to share the stage with our inspirations.
-The public gets a unique, heartfelt show full of 'special moments' that otherwise would be impossible. "

---Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck - 2000

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Drew Galloway (1964 – 2018) Born in Birmingham, he was a longtime resident of Atlanta before eventually returning to his home state. Galloway studied at the Alabama School of Fine Arts before going on to receive his BFA from the Atlanta College of Art. He described his work as Oriental esthetic in the Southern vernacular.

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